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Have A Nice Day (Hao Ji Le)

Feb 23 to Feb 25
Friday to Sunday 6:15pm ONLY!

Dir. Liu Jian - 2017 - 77m - China - In Mandrin with English subtitles - No Matinees

A hard rain is about to fall on a small town in Southern China.

In a desperate attempt to find money to save his fiancée's failed plastic surgery, Xiao Zhang, a mere driver, steals a bag containing 1 million from his boss.  News of the robbery spreads fast within the town and, over the course of one night, everyone starts looking for Xiao Zhang and his money...

Liu Jian delivers a whirlwind neo-noir, cementing his place as a pioneering force in independent Chinese animation.

"Fascinating" - Hollywood Reporter

“If Quentin Tarantino remade “Pulp Fiction” as an animated movie set in modern day China, it might look something like ‘Have a Nice Day’ … a gorgeous snapshot of competing interests - Eric Kohn, IndieWire

“Liu Jian’s stunning animation is both a visceral thriller and astute political statement about China’s place in the modern world … a provocative work that will get animation buffs buzzing … unlike no Chinese film you’ve ever seen.” - Jonathan Romney, Screen Daily

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The Great Buddha

Feb 23 to Feb 25
Friday to Sunday 4:00, 8:00

Dir. HUANG Hsin-Yao - 2017 - 104m - Taiwan - In Taiwanese with English subtitles

Underlining the gap between have-nots' life and elites' world by switching between black and white and glamorous colors, THE GREAT BUDDHA+ vividly illustrates a corrupted village in rural southern Taiwan with memorable style, heartfelt empathy, and whimsical humor. 

Security guard Pickle and his trash collector friend Belly Button kill time together in night shifts watching the rich boss Kevin's dash-cam footage and discover something horrifying outside his numerous sexual encounters with women.

"Sporting an ingeniously cinematic concept that’s nimbly executed by writer-director Huang Hsin-yao and producer-DP Chung Mong-hong, this ballad of sad losers mixed with satire on parochial politics is convulsively funny yet uncompromisingly bleak, bridging art with entertainment...Arguably the best film to emerge from a year of exciting resurgence in Taiwan" - Maggie Lee, Variety

“A formally inventive, socially conscious, perceptive, and most important of all, humorous work of art. Huang's tragic-comic vision is definitely one of the most exciting things from Asian cinema this year." - I-Lin LIU, Asian Film Vault

"This wink to technology branding is consistent with the central role played by satirical humour in all of Huang’s storytelling endeavours, a facetious tone that brought comic relief to the sometimes grim subjects." - Aurélie Godet , Cinema Scope

“A memorable debut from an uncompromising new voice in Taiwanese cinema." - James Marsh, South China Morning Post

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Alibi Midnight Madness Presents

Mind Game poster

Mind Game

Mar 16 to Mar 17
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Masaaki Yuasa - 2004 - 103m - Japan - In Japanese with English subtitles - AN ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS SPECIAL - $8 Gen. / $6 Stu.

Never before released theatrically in the U.S., Mind Game, the landmark debut from acclaimed director Masaaki Yuasa!! 

The film's title says it all — this is a head trip like no other. Combining a wide array of techniques from traditional hand-drawn animation to rotoscoping to collage, Yuasa creates a genre-bending adventure that cannot be described, only experienced.

Buckle in and prepare to surrender yourself to an exhilarating and wildly entertaining ride. Cult classic Mind Game is an explosion of unconstrained expression – gloriously colorful mages ricochet in rapid fire associations,like Masaaki Yuasa’s brain splattered onto the screen in all its goopy glory. Audiences will begin to grasp what they are in for early on as loser Nishi, too wimpy to try to save his childhood sweetheart from gangsters, is shot in  the butt by a soccer-playing psychopath, projecting Nishi into the afterlife. In this limbo, God – shown as a series of rapidly changing characters – tells him to walk toward the light.  But Nishi runs like hell in the other direction and returns to Earth a changed man, driven to live each moment to the fullest.

"A virtuoso narrative loop-the-loop that travels through a phantasmagoric catalog of animation styles, Mind Game is not just one of the most fantastically experimental anime features seen stateside. It’s a superflat cousin to the grown-up cartoon head trips of the ’60s and ’70s like Yellow Submarine, Fritz the Cat, or Fantastic Planet, replete with grand metaphysical themes, gloriously extended avant-psychedelic sequences, and Japanified bits of Bakshian bawdiness." — Ed Halter, Village Voice

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