Alibi Midnight Movie

SURFER: Teen Confronts Fear

Jan 25 to Jan 26
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Douglas Burke - 2018 - 90m - An ALBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS presentation - $8 general / $6 students

“There is no excuse for “Surfer” - Variety


Surfing since as young as he can remember, at the age of 13, Sage is crippled by fear after suffering a wipeout on a huge wave. The wave slammed him to the bottom and held him pinned there without air until he nearly died.

With his whole life still ahead of him yet now paralyzed by fear, Sage no longer surfs the waves. But unable to ignore the mystical and powerful pull of the ocean, he fishes in the surf, and finds more than he bargained for.

This is the story of a teenager who confronts fear . . .

“A surreal meditation on faith and surfing, with the writer/director/producer also starring as a ghost made of squid ink… a fascinatingly absurd drama.” - Vice Magazine

“I can’t speak any higher than Surfer: Teen Confronts Fear than to say I am convinced that nobody on Earth could have made it except Doug Burke. It comes as a sort of anti-surprise that Burke wrote, directed, produced, starred in, and scored the film: the film feels like a glimpse into the man’s brain that’s more devastatingly insightful than he probably intended. Material this weird can’t be made up: it has to flow through one’s soul. Surfer: Teen Confronts Fear is rich with idiosyncratic intent and utterly bankrupt in self-awareness. And there’s no finer Incredibly Strange qualification in the world than that.” - Andrew Todd, Slash Film

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The Running Man - it's 2019, time to roll it!

Feb 8 to Feb 9

Dir. Paul Michael Glaser - 1987 - 101m - An ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS special - $8 general / $6 students with ids

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Ben Richards, a cop in the totalitarian America of 2019, framed for massacring rioting civilians during a famine. After escaping from jail, Richards tries to prove his innocence, but his efforts are thwarted at every turn by a regime in need of a scapegoat. Richards is captured along with an innocent civilian, Amber Mendez (Maria Conchita Alonso), and they are forced to participate in a violent game show called "The Running Man," hosted by the unctuous Damon Killian (Richard Dawson). The object of the game for Richards and Mendez: obtain freedom by staying alive against a gauntlet of skillful assassins like "Subzero" (Prof. Toru Tanaka) and "Captain Freedom" (Jesse Ventura), each armed with unique weapons like razor-sharp hockey sticks and chainsaws. With the help of some fellow "contestants," Richards is able to tap into government computers and prove his innocence. The Running Man was very loosely based on a short story by Stephen King, who wrote it under the name Richard Bachman.

“An arcade-game romp done with flair.” - Film4

"Holds up a shocking reflection of where we actually stand as a society” - Felix Vasquez Jr.

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Mega Time Squad

Feb 22 to Feb 23
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Tim van Dammen - 2018 - 86m - New Zealand - An ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS special! $8 general / $5 students with ids


Fantasia 2018 Premiere. NZ sci-fi comedy about a petty crook looking to make a name for himself who happens upon an ancient Chinese amulet that allows him to travel 2 minutes back in time. One (of several) catches being that every time he does so, he creates a duplicate of himself. Throwing all time-space continuum caution to the wind, he starts using the amulet’s powers recklessly, creating a small army of duplicates which he dubs the ‘Mega Time Squad’, but each one’s just as tragically dim as the original. Soon he finds himself up against his criminal boss (Jonny Brugh, What We Do in the Shadows), his own traitorous clones, and an ancient demon all while he’s just trying to find his courage and get the girl. A screener is available if you’d like to take a look.


"Fast-paced, determinedly silly, with sharp slangy dialogue and funny situations, the film hits just the right absurdist notes" - VARIETY

“There aren't many people making comedies with this kind of razor-sharp filmmaking craft and built in repeat watchability!" - screen anarchy

“A grounded sci-fi mini-odyssey with lots of creativity and even more laugh-out-loud gags" -

"Destined for cult status" - NZ HERALD

“Hilarious" - reel news daily

“A time-travelling, multiple-personality blast" - sci-fi now

“As big a heart as you could ever want from a NZ film" - darren's world of entertainment

“Will likely become a cult favourite that fans return to again and again" - bad feeling magazine

“Dry, deadpan wit." - e-film critic

"* * * * *" - voices from the balcony

“An hilarious romp" - chicago independent film critics circle

“Extremely clever and very funny" - HORRORBUZZ

“A perfect offering for genre fans" - SPOLIERTV

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