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Lords of Chaos

Mar 21 to Mar 23
Thursday to Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Jonas Akerlund - 2019 - 117m - An ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS special! $8 general / $6 students with ids


Starring Rory Culkin, Emory Cohen, Jack Kilmer, Sky Ferreira, Valter Skargrard - A teenager's quest to launch Norwegian Black Metal in Oslo in the 1980s results in a very violent outcome. Lords of Chaos tells the true story of True Norwegian Black Metal and its most notorious practitioners - a group of young men with a flair for publicity, church-burning and murder: MAYHEM.

“…pretty bloody entertaining…”, Anthony O'Connor, FILMINK (Australia)

“It's like a teen-delinquent b-movie from the 1950s, only with more death, more blood, and more church-burnings. Also crazed black-metal concert-goers chewing on a raw pig's head that's been tossed into their midst.” - Kurt Loder, Reason Online

“Oddly compelling - not least because Åkerlund ensures that the film never takes itself as seriously as its subjects did.” - Michael Nordine, indieWire

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Out of Blue

Mar 22 to Mar 25
Friday to Monday 3:30, 8pm

Dir. Carol Morley - 2019 - 109m

Starring Patricia Clarkson, Toby Jones, Jacki Weaver, James Caan, Mamie Gummer, Aaron Tveit, Yolanda Ross, Jonathan Majors, Devyn Tyler!  Based on a story by Martin Amis!

The hunt for a killer draws a detective into an even larger mystery: the nature of the universe itself. Mike Hoolihan (Patricia Clarkson) is an unconventional New Orleans cop investigating the murder of renowned astrophysicist Jennifer Rockwell (Mamie Gummer), a black hole expert found shot to death in her observatory. As Mike tumbles down the rabbit hole of the disturbing, labyrinthine case, she finds herself grappling with increasingly existential questions of quantum mechanics, parallel universes, and exploding stars—cosmic secrets that may hold the key to unraveling the crime, while throwing into doubt her very understanding of reality. Awash in dreamlike, neo-noir atmosphere, this one-of-a-kind thriller is both a tantalizing whodunnit and a rich, metaphysical mind-bender.

“Carol Morley's murder mystery is a mood piece that alternates between naffness and transcendence.” - Sophie Monks Kaufman, Sight and Sound

“Undeniably works as a stylish, psychological neo-noir, but significantly less so as metaphysical rumination.” - Christopher Machell, CineVue

“A much needed camp parody of Hitchcockian proportions, told from a female perspective. Morley and her cast know exactly when to ham it up and when to build genuine emotive tension.” - Katherine Connell, Another Gaze

“You're immensely glad that it exists, cheered to know the film industry still has room for maverick, boundary-smudging work like this.” - Leslie Felperin, Hollywood Reporter

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The Night is Short, Walk on Girl

Mar 22 to Mar 25
Friday to Monday 6pm ONLY!

Dir. Masaaki Yuasa - 2018 - 93m - Japan - In Japanese with English subtitles - No Matinees

Winner of last year's Japan Academy Prize for animated feature, made its way to a strong cult upon its release last August. After Hours meets Scott Pilgrim in this "up-all-night" comedy for teens and adults that only Masaaki Yuasa could envision. This "surrealist romp through Kyoto's streets" (GamesRadar) comes complete with a God of Used Books, a guerrilla musical theatre troupe, a wise old man with a taste for extra spicy ramen, and cameos from the popular Tatami Galaxy series. Lovers of Japanese cinema are sure to enjoy the lush nocturnal imagery and heartfelt humor in this film that "assures us that we are all interconnected and that staying in the moment will allow us to live richer lives." (The Irish Times)

“A highly original work by an artist who follows his own vision - wherever it leads.” - Charles Solomon, Los Angeles Times

“It is romantic and hallucinogenic, with an edge of softcore erotic sleaze.” - Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

“I’m not sure even Thomas Pynchon could have crafted this kind of fever dream scenario.” - Kyle Pinion, The Beat

“It's everything, a movie about the bottomless energy of youth that itself possesses that energy and instills it in the viewer.”- Tim Brayton, Alternate Ending

“It's delightful, delirious, delicious madness that perfectly captures the breathless euphoria of falling in love and the first time you truly realize just how scary and wonderful it is.”- Nathanael Hood, Unseen Films

“Lovers of anime are going to love this, and they have every reason to do so. This one packs a chockful of laughs in many places, and it's one of the more inventive animated films of the year.” - Tomas Trussow, The Lonely Film Critic

“Featuring a strong woman as a rebuff to traditional anime issues, it [Night is Short, Walk On Girl ] serves as a funny and fancy romantic narrative.” - Alan French,

“That unrestrained surrealism and willingness to surprise the audience with something new at every turn is why Masaaki Yuasa is one of the best filmmakers around.” - Juan Barquin, Miami New Times

“At the very least it's presented with vigor and confidence in a manner which keeps our eyes peeled for more from the talented filmmaker.” - Allyson Johnsonl The Playlist

“The term "fever dream" is often used to describe animation like Yuasa's, but it's rarely so apt as it is here.” - Christopher Campbell, Film School Rejects

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FIVE SEASONS: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf - FINAL ENCORES!

Mar 26
Tuesday 4:30, 6:15, 8pm

Dir. Tom Piper - 2018 - 75m - In Dutch and some English with English subtitles when necessary


Revolutionary landscape designer Piet Oudolf is known for designing public works like New York City’s popular High Line and Chicago’s Millennium Park that redefine our conception of gardens as works of art in themselves. This gorgeous, meditative documentary immerses viewers in his work, taking us inside Oudolf’s creative process. From his aesthetic theories to his strikingly abstract sketches to the ecological implications of his ideas, the film poetically reveals how Oudolf upends conventional notions of nature, public space, and, ultimately, beauty itself.

"Gorgeous." -  Village Voice

"Makes lovely visual music." - Chicago Tribune

"Reveals gardens you'd look forward to getting lost in." - Los Angeles Times

"Ethereal." - San Francisco Chronicle

"Anyone who relishes time in a garden will understand and cherish." - East Bay Time

"Delightful." - SF WEEKLY

"Those with a green thumb will be delighted to discover new ways to think about their gardens." - Santa Fe New Mexican

"Mesmerizing." - Los Angeles Times

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Becoming More Visible

Mar 27
Wednesday 7pm ONLY!

Dir. Pamela French - 2016 - 85m - Whatever Donations Possible Are Greatly Appreciated!


Challenged by how to identify since early childhood, four fearless transgender young adults defy societal norms to be their true selves and become more visible.

No transition is easy but some are easier than others. We follow Sean, a transgender male comedian from a small affluent town in upstate NY, Katherine, a Bangladeshi transgender girl from a close-­knit Muslim family, Olivia, who had to leave everything behind and enter the shelter system in order to be the woman she knows she is, and the unforgettable Morgin, a courageous trans woman pursuing her musical ambitions and making her way in the world.

BECOMING MORE VISIBLE showcases both male to female, and female to male trans kids. Each is at different phases in their transition and with different levels of familial support. We follow them and watch them grow into and become their true selves. BECOMING MORE VISIBLE also introduces avenues of support for this population.

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Harvest of Loneliness - a UNM Quetzalkuetlachtli Special!

Mar 27
Wednesday 4:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Gilbert Gonzalez, Vivian Price & Adrian Salinas - 2010 - 58m - FREE! Seating is Limited!

Panel Speakers: Richard Moore, Los Jardines Institute; Virginia Necochea, CESOSS: Center for Social Sustainable Systems; Joaquin Lujan, SouthWest Organizing Project. 

In honor of the UNM's Farm Workers Awareness Week student group Quetzalkuetlachtli will offer a free showing of the documentary "Harvest of Loneliness" directed by Gilbert Gonzalez and Vivian Price. The event is being held on the 50th Anniversary of the Plan Espiritual de Aztlan to celebrate the importance of the Xicano/a movement and it's relation to protest against the conditions for undocumented laborers. After the film there will be a panel with local grassroots leaders about the importance of the Xicano/a Movement in New Mexico. 

Hidden within the historical accounts of minorities, workers and immigrants in American society is the story of the millions of Mexico's men and women who experienced the temporary contract worker program known as the Bracero Program. Established to replace an alleged wartime labor shortage, research reveals that the Program intended to undermine farm worker unionization. Harvest shows how several million men, in one of the largest state managed migrations in history, were imported from 1942 to 1964 to work as cheap, controlled and disposable workers. The documentary features the men and women speaking of their experiences and addresses what to expect from a new temporary contract worker program. The politics of the Bracero Program laid the foundation for Mexican workers to follow the path to the US. NAFTA further impoverished the farmers of Mexico, and another generation of Mexicans and Mexican Americans demand a just immigration policy. The film is profoundly relevant to deconstructing anti-immigrant policies, lending a historical explanation to the contemporary issues of immigration in the US and global debates on migration.

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Harvest of Loneliness - a UNM Quetzalkuetlachtli Special! poster


Mar 28
Thursday **new time** 8pm

Dir. Matt Peterson, Zach Abeyta & Scotty Goff - NOW! - 75m approx - Only $7 for all this fun! Must be 18 years or older!

**DOORS OPEN AT 7:30pm!**

This Month's Line Up:                                                HEADLINER SCOTTY GOFF

A 20 year comedy veteran who has performed in comedy club around the country as well as clubs throughout Canada! You've seen Scotty on Comedy Central, ABC's America's Funniest People and soon to be seen in the feature film, "Redemption...a Mile from Hell". Scotty was the New Mexico Lottery spokesperson for many years and you will recognize his face from lottery commecials and his voice from lottery and PNM radio commercials. Scotty is an administrator with the Albuquerque public schools, and the author of his first novel entitled, "Potato Torpedoes Away”.  Scotty's fast paced, high energy performances are finely crafted, but he also draws the audience in as apart of the show with his lightning fast improvisational skills.  Scotty has performed for schools, conferences, graduations, award ceremonies and comedy clubs around the U.S. and Canada.


Zach (Bboy Felto) Abeyta is a local Bboy and Comedian from Albuquerque New Mexico. He has been breakin' for seven years and represents the Flava Pheenz Crew est. 2011. With emphasis on expression, his non-traditional dance style blends emphatic movement and energy to the rhythm of the music.  

Straight from the cypher to the stage, Zach also performs stand-up comedy, and can be seen regularly at comedy shows around town. His comedy style is just as expressive as his dance moves, mixing creative wording with heavy physicality. Look out for a chance to watch him perform around town. 


Matt is a comedian and actor from Albuquerque whose comedy goals are simple.... make you laugh! His quick wit and fun demeanor make him audience favorite. Matt draws from his life experiences and absurd point of view!

Matt has performed in comedy clubs, casinos, Military Bases, Colleges and Theaters all around the southwest and beyond! Matt has worked with Tig Notaro, Marc Maron, Doug Stanhope, Dave Ross, Alex Ortiz, Troy Baxley, Steven Michael Quezada and many more!

Matt was voted one of the best comedians in the city in the Albuquerque?s Weekly Alibi's 2007 and 2014 'Best of Burque' issue and featured in the "Comedy issue" of ABQ the Magazine in 2009! Matt was also voted one of the top comedians in 2014, 2015 and 2016 "Best of the City" 

Matt is the founder of the Why The Long Face Comedy Tour.

In 2011, he was cast as a lead role in the comedy film," The Bigfoot Election" In 2014 Matt co-wrote, co-produced and starred in the comedy film "Abe Makes A Movie"! He has had television roles on In Plain Sight, Netflix series Longmire, ABC’s Killer Women, WGN’s Manhattan along with AMC's Preacher and Better Call Saul and recently NBC’s Midnight Texas!

He was a guest comedian on three episodes of NBC's After After Party with Breaking Bad's Steven Michael Quezada! 


!Las Sandinistas!

Mar 29 to Apr 1
Friday to Monday 6pm ONLY!

Dir. Jenny Murray - 2018 - 96m - U.S. / Nicaragua - In Spanish with English subtitles and in English - No Matinees

This new documentary reveals the extraordinary and untold story of a group of Nicaraguan women who led rebel Sandinista troops in battle, and went on to create groundbreaking social reform during Nicaragua's 1979 Sandinista Revolution - and who continue to lead popular movements for democracy and equality today.

"This is far from the first film to try to dig deeper into the Sandinista movement, but it's arguably the best. This feat is accomplished in no small part by telling the story from the perspective of the women who fought with and supported the movement, taking us deep inside the push for revolutionary change that, all demonization be damned, accomplished some great and exciting things for a country that had been long stagnant under dictatorial rule... Paints an in depth and intimate portrayal of FSLN that pierces right to the core of the revolutionary ideals that moved them. Through their eyes, the movement is intensely humanized, and their so-called evil is given a face that tells another side to the story-one that showcases the improvement of healthcare, education, and the lives of so many in Nicaragua... Murray explores this all with shocking depth and stunning detail, creating a powerful portrait of the nature of freedom and what it means to be willing to die to earn it." - James Roberts, Glide Magazine  

"Rousing...does a good job laying out the rise, fall and resurgence of the revolutionary body." - Keith Uhlich, The Hollywood Reporter

"Women who fought and died for the Sandinistas tell stories about the triumphs--and failures--of the Nicaraguan revolution in this fascinating feminist documentary." - Screen Anarchy

"A rousing, tribute to the female members of Nicaragua’s revolutionary Sandinista party." - The Hollywood Reporter

"!Las Sandinistas! is Jenny Murray’s first feature-length documentary and a fascinating tale chronicling the rise and fall of the revolutionary group that overthrew the Nicaraguan government. Shifting from the viewpoint of the various lead subjects, !Las Sandinistas! elevates its subject matter beyond mere footnote in the Iran Contra debacle, giving us powerful peek into the female half of the revolution." - Rotten Tomatoes

"This is one of the best documentaries I have seen in a while, and I hope gets seen enough to make it into contention for next year’s Academy Awards. It’s certainly Oscar-worthy. If this is the best movie I see at SXSW this year, I will have had a great festival." - Graphic Policy

"A documentary of ripe impact and value...with its rich archival footage, and its nuts-and-bolts view of a revolution that was every bit as seismic as the one in Cuba, it’s instructive to see how the rebellion against an autocracy gets built: gun by gun, body by body, skirmish by skirmish." -Variety 

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - the original 1974 Cinematic Beast!

Mar 29
Friday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Tobe Hooper - 1974 - 84m - ALL SEATS $10



The film to be shown is an account of the tragedy which befell a group of five youths. It is all the more tragic in that they were young. But, had they lived very very long lives, they could not have expected nor would they have wished to see as much of the mad and macabre as they were to see that day. For them, an idyllic summer afternoon drive became a nightmare. The events of that day were to lead to the discovery of one of the most bizarre crimes in the annals of American history… Dark Room Horror Presents: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

“No matter how many filmmakers have attempted to recreate the all-out insanity of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," very few have even come close.” - Cole Smithey,

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - the original 1974 Cinematic Beast! poster

Woman at War

Mar 29 to Apr 1
Friday to Monday 3:30, 8:15pm

Dir. Benedikt Erlingsson - 2019 - 108m - Iceland / France / Ukraine - In Icelandic, Spanish, Ukrainian with English subtitles

“A great film that addresses the crisis of our age, whether life on earth has a future, including homo sapiens. Done with wit, elegance and powerful story-telling. NOT TO BE MISSED.” - Louis Proyect,

Halla is a fifty-year-old independent woman. But behind the scenes of a quiet routine, she leads a double life as a passionate environmental activist. Known to others only by her alias “The Woman of the Mountain,” Halla secretly wages a one-woman-war on the local aluminum industry. As Halla’s actions grow bolder, from petty vandalism to outright industrial sabotage, she succeeds in pausing the negotiations between the Icelandic government and the corporation building a new aluminum smelter. But right as she begins planning her biggest and boldest operation yet, she receives an unexpected letter that changes everything. Her application to adopt a child has finally been accepted and there is a little girl waiting for her in Ukraine. As Halla prepares to abandon her role as saboteur and savior of the Highlands to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother, she decides to plot one final attack to deal the aluminum industry a crippling blow. 

“A wry, idiosyncratic comedy that communicates important topical messages while never being less than a joy to watch.” - Brad Wheeler, Globe and Mail

“Beneath the playful surfaces - musical interludes, quirky neighbors, happy smiley eco-terrorists, Rube Goldbergian sabotage attempts - lie some uncomfortable truths about citizenship, family, and privilege.” - Bilge Ebiri, Village Voice

“Offbeat, poignant and visually exquisite.” - Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter

“Is there anything rarer than an intelligent feel-good film that knows how to tackle urgent global issues with humor as well as a satisfying sense of justice?” - Jay Weissberg, Variety

“A funny and delightful message movie that's never preachy. It's immensely clever and always sticking a finger-in-the-eye of the establishment.” - Dwight Brown, National Newspaper Publishers Association

“A delightful affair, full of surprises.” - Christopher Llewellyn Reed, Hammer to Nail

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Woman at War poster

Companeros - as part of our Spaghetti Westerns Series!

Mar 30 to Mar 31
Saturday and Sunday 1pm ONLY!

Dir. Sergio Corbucci - 1970 - 119m - Italy - In Italian with English Subtitles - No Matinees


Yodlaf Peterson (Franco Nero of DJANGO) is a suave Swedish arms dealer with a love for fast money. Vasco (Tomas Milian of TRAFFIC) is a trigger-happy Mexican bandit with a hate for suave Swedish arms dealers. But when the two men team up to kidnap a professor who holds the key to a fortune in gold, they find themselves hunted by the American army, stalked by a marijuana-crazed sadist (Academy Award winner Jack Palance) and trapped in the middle of a revolution about to explode. Can these two enemies blast their way across Mexico together without killing each other first?

Written and directed by the legendary Sergio Corbucci (DJANGO, THE GREAT SILENCE), COMPANEROS is a once-in-a-lifetime teaming of the two greatest European stars in 'Spaghetti Western' history. Fernando Rey (THE FRENCH CONNECTION) and Karin Schubert (BLACK EMANUELLE) co-star in this action-packed comedy classic that also features a remarkable score by Ennio Morricone (THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY).

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Companeros - as part of our Spaghetti Westerns Series! poster

Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People

Apr 2 to Apr 4
Tuesday to Thursday 4:30, 6:30

Dir. Oren Rudavsky - 2019 - 85m

"Our Republic and its press will rise or fall together." -Joseph Pulitzer

In this landmark film by acclaimed director Oren Rudavsky, Adam Driver is the narrator while Liev Schreiber, Tim Blake Nelson and Rachel Brosnahan voice key roles; together, they bring to life the virtually unknown American icon.

Joseph Pulitzer began as a penniless Jewish immigrant from Hungary and grew into one of America's most admired and feared media figures. 'Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People' tells the rare story of the man behind the prize, who spoke of "fake news" and the importance of freedom of the press over a century ago. His New York newspaper The World spoke to an unprecedented number of readers with powerful journalistic ideals and an artistry and game-changing originality. Pulitzer eventually came to challenge a popular president, fighting for the freedom of the press as essential to our American democracy.

“Brisk and engaging" - LA Times

"could not be more relevant" - Louis Proyer, The Unrepentant Marxist

"…entertainingly, far from a portrait of uncomplicated virtue." - Hollywood Reporter

"…an excellent primer...stuffed with anecdotes and observations" - Hollywood Reporter

“…something new and wonderful, this film solidly captures an essential moment.” - Hollywood Reporter

"…a very fascinating life" - Solzy at the Movies

“…as informative and entertaining a documentary one could hope for.” - Cinema Retro

"a fascinating and timely film" - Cinema Citizen

"full of fascinating contradictions" - NY Times

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Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People poster

The Field Guide to Evil

Apr 2 to Apr 4
Tuesday to Thursday 8:45pm ONLY!

Dir. various - 2019 - 117m - No Matinees - with English subtitles when necessary


This anthology of short films features cinematic renderings of folk tales from eight countries. Nine filmmakers collaborate to provide a global outlook on the dark side of human nature by drawing from the storytelling traditions of Hungary, Austria, India, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Germany, and the United States of America.

Spinning tales in Field Guide to Evil are Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala (Goodnight Mommy), Peter Strickland (The Duke of Burgundy), Agnieszka Smoczynska (The Lure), Katrin Gebbe (Nothing Bad Can Happen), Can Evrenol (Baskin), Calvin Reeder (The Rambler), Ashim Ahluwalia (Miss Lovely), and Yannis Veslemes (Norway).

“This is 'folk horror' par excellence, hopping the globe in search of the collective origins of our errant unconscious.” - Anton Bitel, SciFiNow

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The Field Guide to Evil poster

KURT COBAIN: Montage of Heck

Apr 5
Friday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Brett Morgen - 2015 - 138m - All Seats $8


KURT COBAIN: MONTAGE OF HECK invites you to experience Kurt’s life, art, and mind through his own unique lens, bringing you as close to the generation-defining icon as it’s possible to get. This first-ever fully authorized documentary feature blends Cobain’s personal archive of art, music (both his most famous and some that’s never been heard), written word, and never-before-seen home movies with animation and revelatory interviews from his family and closest confidantes. Following Kurt from his earliest years in Aberdeen, Wash., through the height of his fame, it creates an intense and powerful cinematic insight into an artist who craved the spotlight even as he rejected the trappings of fame. Those of Kurt’s generation will learn things about him they never knew. Those who’ve discovered the man and his music more recently will understand what makes Kurt the lasting icon that he is. Just like the legendary frontman of Nirvana himself, KURT COBAIN: MONTAGE OF HECK is authentic, visceral, and unflinching. It will get into your head and stay there long after the end credits roll.

"Perhaps the greatest biographical film ever made about an artist" - Entertainment

"The most intimate rock doc ever" - Rolling Stone

"Pulsates with vitality and rage" - New York Times 

"Masterful ... the result is nothing short of epic" - The Huffington Post

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KURT COBAIN: Montage of Heck poster

The Wedding Guest

Apr 5 to Apr 9
Friday to Tuesday 4:00, 8:15

Dir. Michael Winterbottom - 2019 - 94m

This propulsive, globetrotting thriller from acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom is a breathless tour through the shadowy underworlds and hidden realms of Pakistan and India. Jay (Slumdog Millionaire’s Dev Patel) is a man with a secret who travels from Britain to Pakistan to attend a wedding—armed with duct tape, a shotgun, and a plan to kidnap the bride-to-be (Radhika Apte). Despite his cool efficiency, the plot quickly spirals out of control, sending Jay and his hostage on the run across the border and through the railway stations, back alleys, and black markets of New Delhi—as all the while attractions simmer, loyalties shift, and explosive secrets are revealed. Pulsating with the sights and sounds of the Indian subcontinent, The Wedding Guest conjures a colorful world where danger lurks at every turn and nothing is as it seems.

“[A] satisfyingly unpredictable meditation on female agency, in a culture in which women are too often treated as a man's possession.” - Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post

“It's all quite gorgeous, and surprisingly moving. The Wedding Guest shows just how much you can do with a wisp of a story and a whole lot of cinematic vision.” - Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine/Vulture

“Rather unique because it centers the characters and frees the actors up to sit with them and their feelings rather than relying only on the intensity of the thrills.” - Mae Abdulbaki, The Young Folks

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The Wedding Guest poster


Apr 5 to Apr 9
Friday to Tuesday 6pm ONLY!

Dir. Christian Petzold - 2019 - 101m - France/Germany - In French & German with English subtitles - No Matinees

In Christian Petzold’s brilliant and haunting modern-day adaptation of Anna Seghers’s 1942 novel, Transit Visa, Georg, a German refugee (Franz Rogowski, Happy End), flees to Marseille assuming the identity of a recently deceased writer whose papers he is carrying. There he delves into the delicate and complex culture of the refugee community, becoming enmeshed in the lives of a young mother and son and falling for a mysterious woman named Marie (Paula Beer, Frantz).


"Extraordinary! Conceptually daring.” - GUY LODGE, VARIETY

"Like a remake of CASABLANCA as written by Kafka." - DAVID EHRLICH, INDIEWIRE

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Transit poster

Aubree Sweeney Live Comedy Tour!

Apr 6
Saturday 10:30pm only!

Dir. Aubree Sweeney & Matt Peterson! - NOW - 75m approx - All Seats Just $10


A Special Night With Nationally Touring Comedian Aubree Sweeney and her Special Guest Matt Peterson!

Aubree is a nationally touring comedian. She spends a good part of the year traveling in her RV along with her furry faced pride and joys; She-Ra and Paco. When Aubree’s not on the road, she splits her time between Nebraska, where her family still lives, and Southern California. She has become known for her engaging, high-energy, storytelling style that relates her observations and life experiences. Aubree is a tireless animal advocate and is also proud to support the men and women who serve or who have served in the U.S. military. Aubree is thrilled to announce that a “Thank a Veteran” leg has been added to her “Scenic Route” Tour.

Aubree continues to build her theater resume and is part of several television commercials currently on air. If you have friends in the Midwest, they can catch her most Saturday nights on WOWT’s Omaha Live. Her new podcast, “On the Road with Aubree Sweeney” is dropping this Spring. Keep an eye out for her television comedy-travel series as well as her “Attempting Waste Free” videos which will be available online this fall.

Matt Peterson is a comedian and actor from Albuquerque whose comedy goals are simple.... make you laugh! His quick wit and fun demeanor make him audience favorite. Matt draws from his life experiences and absurd point of view. Recently venturing into his forties has put absolutely “nothing” into perspective for Matt! He's performed in comedy clubs, casinos, colleges and theaters all around the southwest and beyond! Matt has worked with Tig Notaro, Marc Maron, Doug Stanhope, Dave Ross, Alex Ortiz, Troy Baxley and Steven Michael Quezada! Matt was voted one of the best comedians in the city in the Albuquerque?s Weekly Alibi's 2007 and 2014 'Best of Burque' issue and featured in the "Comedy issue" of ABQ the Magazine in 2009! Matt was also voted one of the top comedians in 2014, 2015 and 2016 "Best of the City" In 2011, he was cast as a lead role in the comedy film, The Bigfoot Election. In 2014 Matt co-wrote, co-produced and starred in the upcoming comedy film "Abe Makes A Movie"! He has had roles on In Plain Sight, Netflix series Longmire, ABC?s Killer Women, WGN?s Manhattan, NBC’s Midnight Texas and AMC's Preacher and Better Call Saul!

Aubree Sweeney Live Comedy Tour! poster

Stop! Look! Listen! Laugh! Geniuses at Play - Divine Madness: Bette Midler

Apr 6 to Apr 7
Saturday and Sunday 1pm ONLY!

Dir. Michael Ritchie - 1980 - 94m - All Seats just $5

An ABQ FILM CLUB / AMERICAN VAUDEVILLE MUSEUM special!  The third in their NEW VAUDEVILLIAN series that we'll be hosting!

Audacious, brazen, funny, and perhaps the unconscious inspiration for Madonna's shows, Divine Madness makes an absolute spectacle of itself. Bette Midler's raunchy, entertaining persona is on high in this concert film filmed in Pasadena.  She enthusiastically displays all her talents as the Divine Miss M: singer, comedienne, actress, and irrepressibly outspoken performer. Up for a drubbing are the British Royals, lounge singers, and anyone else Midler decides to berate. Midler's comic routines alternate with songs that range from ballads to punk rock. Complementing her electrifying performances are excellent photography, choreography, lighting, and of course, back-up singers and musicians. Midler fans will appreciate her usual earthy humor, non-Midler fans may take exception to her language and the blue tonalities of many of her jokes.


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Stop! Look! Listen! Laugh!  Geniuses at Play - Divine Madness:  Bette Midler poster

Weed The People

Apr 10
Wednesday 4pm, 7pm

Dir. Abby Epstein - 2018 - 95m


EXECUTIVE PRODUCED BY RICKI LAKE - By federal law, the possession of Cannabis is illegal in the United States, forcing desperate parents to obtain cannabis oil from underground sources to save their children from childhood cancers. “Weed the People” follows these families through uncharted waters as they take their children’s survival into their own hands. Some of their miraculous outcomes beget the unsettling question at the heart of the film: If weed is truly saving lives, why doesn’t the government want people to access it?

"Moving... An urgent cry for help." - Los Angeles Times

"A heartstring-pulling advocacy doc." - The Hollywood Reporter

"Inspirational. There will be tears of joy with the film's multiple success stories." -  Film Journal International

"A smart and vitally important documentary look at medical marijuana." - Flick Filosopher

“‘Weed The People’ will challenge everything you thought you knew about medical marijuana.” - Bustle

“Ricki Lake’s ‘Weed The People’ proves once and for all that marijuana can save lives.” - Romper

“The whole point of our title is to help destigmatize the plant” - Forbes

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Weed The People  poster

ABQ Indie Film Festival

Apr 11
Thursday 6pm to 10pm

Dir. various - 2018 - 120m approx - FREE BUT LIMITED SEATING!



What makes a film independent? Is it working under a certain budget? An unknown director? A shaky camera? Or could it be the love of the art-form that drives a project? 

The folks who make up the ABQ Indie Film Festival believe that independent cinema is a state of mind. It is ambitious, radical, thought-provoking filmmaking and it is, sadly, hard to come by.

In an age of instant media gratification, the aim for this festival is to re-create a nostalgic space for that state of mind.

This new festival will bring quality independent cinema from all around the world. At the same time, as filmmakers themselves, they know how difficult and alienating it can be to try to break into the industry. This is why ABQ Indie Film Festival is all about building networks and a stronger community.

More than just a screening space - this will be an opportunity to meet like-minded people and to bridge the gap between audiences and film creators.

The panel of international judges will select the best of the best and try to squeeze in as much high-quality indie cinema in one evening as they can. Featuring Q&A's with creators, networking sessions, and a welcoming atmosphere.


The Sheriff of Goodtimes / Precious Things / CHESTERFIELD / Alivestock / The Distraction Towers / Mascarpone / Knee High

Intermission at approx. 7:40pm

FEPPS - Pathways After Prison / An Aspirational Space / All Styles Welcome / Love Possibly


ABQ Indie Film Festival poster

3 Faces

Apr 12 to Apr 15
Friday to Monday 3:15, 8:15

Dir. Jafar Panahi - 2019 - 100m - In Farsi with English Subtitles


Iranian director Jafar Panahi’s fourth completed feature since he was officially banned from filmmaking is one of his very best. Panahi begins with a smartphone video shot by a young woman (Marziyeh Rezaei) who announces to the camera that her parents have forbidden her from realizing her dream of acting and then, by all appearances, takes her own life. The recipient of the video, Behnaz Jafari, as herself, asks Panahi, as himself, to drive her to the woman’s tiny home village near the Turkish border to investigate. From there, 3 Faces builds in narrative, thematic, and visual intricacy to put forth a grand expression of community and solidarity under the eye of oppression. – New York Film Festival

“Charming Iranian cinema at its purest. Defiantly modern in its liberating message.” – Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter

“Full of intelligence and humility and a real respect for women and for female actors. Gentle, elusive, and redolent of this director’s mysterious Iranian zen.” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“A beautiful expression of artistic solidarity.” – Sam C. Mac, Slant Magazine

“An artful, surprising and thrillingly intelligent story about a few women trying to make a difference.” – Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

“A gently provocative meditation on the role of creative souls in modern-day Iran.” – Dave Calhoun, Time Out

“A sly fictional commentary on life in Iran, hope, the country’s cinema legacy, and the continuity of history, disguised with folksy infusions of humor as a shaggy dog story.” – Barbara Scharres,

“A heartfelt statement of solidarity… such generosity of spirit is its own quietly fierce act of cinematic defiance.” – Jessica Kiang, Variety

“A hymn to the irrepressibility of screen storytelling.” – David Jenkins, Little White Lies

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3 Faces poster

Mary Magdalene

Apr 12 to Apr 15
Friday to Monday 5:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Garth Davis - 2018 - 130m - UK/US - No Matinees


MARY MAGDALENE is an authentic and humanistic portrait of one of the most enigmatic and misunderstood spiritual figures in history. The biblical biopic tells the story of Mary (Rooney Mara), a young woman in search of a new way of living. Constricted by the hierarchies of the day, Mary defies her traditional family to join a new social movement led by the charismatic Jesus of Nazareth (Joaquin Phoenix). She soon finds a place for herself within the movement and at the heart of a journey that will lead to Jerusalem.

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Mary Magdalene poster

Triple Threat

Apr 12 to Apr 13
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Jesse V. Johnson - 2019 - 96m - An ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS special

This breakneck thriller teams over half a dozen of the world’s biggest action stars for the martial arts film event of the year. When a hit contract is taken out on a billionaire’s daughter (Celina Jade) intent on bringing down a major crime syndicate, a team of wanted mercenaries (Tony Jaa, Tiger Chen) must take on a group of professional assassins (Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Michael Bisping) to stop them from hitting their target. Also featuring Iko Uwais and Jeeja Yanin.

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Triple Threat poster

Grease 2 - A NME 80s Matinee Special!

Apr 14
Sunday 1pm

Dir. Patricia Birch - 1982 - 115m - All Seats $8


Join New Mexico Entertainment magazine for our monthly 80's movie screening at The Guild Cinema. This month's movie is Grease 2. An English student at a 1960s American high school has to prove himself to the leader of a girls' gang whose members can only date greasers.  With Michelle Pfeiffer & Maxwell Caulfield!



PLEASE NOTE: TICKETS WILL NOT BE MAILED TO YOU. Please bring your Hold My Ticket receipt with your current state ID and check in at the Guild Box Office 15 minutes before the show. If you do not have your receipt, please make sure if you have your ID. We will have a list at the box office. In the likelihood we have a sold-out performance or event, tickets are subject to be released for resale to those on the waiting list if you have not checked five minutes before the show starts. Thank you for your punctuality!

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Grease 2 - A NME 80s Matinee Special! poster

Experiments in Cinema v14.2 - A Basement Films Event!

Apr 16 to Apr 20
Tuesday to Saturday

2019 - ONLY $10 General admission per day / $8 students per day !!


Each year Experiments in Cinema brings the international community of cinematic un-dependents to Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA for a film festival that is designed to inspire a new generation of homegrown media activists to participate in shaping future trends of cultural representation. 

In many ways EIC likes to think of itself as a micro-community rather than a festival, in that we are proudly and defiantly non-competitive—no pretentious red carpets, arbitrary prizes or VIP passes at our event. Everyone who participates wins!. EIC is about sharing and nurturing, as we truly believe that the community of media un-dependents are modern day traveling troubadours, sharing their news of the day (from personal, un-embedded perspectives) with colleagues and friends from around the world.  

"Experiments in Cinema serves as a reminder that filmmaking has a responsibility that transcends the pathetically produced popcorn poo-poo that we have come to know as "going to the movies." 

EIC believes in the meat-space of our event and that as useful as Youtube, Vimeo and other interfaces are, there is still nothing that replaces the emotional bandwidth (Gene Yougblood’s phrase) of face-to-face interactions amongst like-minded people inventing and imagining through the power of dialogue.

Each year, in addition to presenting a wide range of international screenings, EIC also hosts live multi-media performances, interactive projects, lectures, discussion groups, hands-on workshops and a program of films produced by New Mexican Middle and High School students.

Our annual celebration of all things un-dependently cinematic is produced by Basement Films. Basement Films is one of the few remaining first wave micro-cinemas left in the United States that has been supporting underrepresented forms of media since 1991." - Bryan Konefsky, EXPERIMENTS IN CINEMA FESTIVAL DIRECTOR

TUESDAY APRIL 16 = EXPERIMENT 1 @ 4:30 / EXPERIMENT 2 @ 6:45 / EXPERIMENT 3 @ 8:45pm / 


THURSDAY APRIL 18 = EXPERIMENT 8 @ 3pm / EXPERIMENT 9 @ 5pm / EXPERIMENT 10 @ 7:15pm / EXPERIMENT 11 @ 9pm

FRIDAY APRIL 19 = EXPERIMENT 12 @ 2:30 / EXPERIMENT 13 @ 4:45 / EXPERIMENT 14 @ 7:15

SATURDAY APRIL 20 = EXPERIMENT 15 @ 3:30 / EXPERIMENT 16 @ 5:15 / EXPERIMENT 17 @ 7:15pm / EXPERIMENT 18 @ 8:45


Experiments in Cinema v14.2 - A Basement Films Event! poster

Friday - in stoner honor of, you know, 4-20 weekend!

Apr 19
Friday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. F. Gary Gray - 1995 - 97m - All Seats $10


Welcome to The New Mexico Entertainment's Annual 4/20 Movie Event. Every year near 4/20 we will celebrate all things cannabis with a special screening of weed-themed films at The Guild Cinema. This year's film is Friday starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. It's Friday and Craig Jones (Ice Cube) has just gotten fired for stealing cardboard boxes. To make matters worse, rent is due, he hates his overbearing girlfriend, Joi (Paula Jai Parker), and his best friend, Smokey (Chris Tucker), owes the local drug dealer money -- and that's all before lunch. As the hours drag on, Jones and Smokey experience the gamut of urban life, complete with crackheads, shoot-outs, and overly sexual pastors, concentrated into one single, unbelievable Friday.

Presale ticket holders will be entered to win prizes during the screening. 



PLEASE NOTE: TICKETS WILL NOT BE MAILED TO YOU. Please bring your Hold My Ticket receipt with your current state ID and check in at the Guild Box Office 15 minutes before the show. If you do not have your receipt, please make sure if you have your ID. We will have a list at the box office. In the likelihood we have a sold-out performance or event, tickets are subject to be released for resale to those on the waiting list if you have not checked five minutes before the show starts. Thank you for your punctuality!

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Friday - in stoner honor of, you know, 4-20 weekend! poster

Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church - HAPPY ROCKIN' EASTER!

Apr 21
Sunday 4pm 6pm, 8pm ONLY!

Dir. John McDermott - 2015 - 90m

The story of the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s involvement as the headliner of the Second Atlanta International Pop Festival, then hailed as the ‘Southern Woodstock'.

Jimi Hendrix was the critical component he needed to elevate the three day festival to a major cultural event.  Electric Church features interviews with Hendrix’s Experience band mates Billy Cox and the late Mitch Mitchell as well as Paul McCartney, Steve Winwood, Rich Robinson, Kirk Hammett, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, and many others.

Paul McCartney freely admits to worshipping him, adding, “We all played guitar. We all knew a bit. But he seemed to know more than us.” 

His performance at the Second Atlanta International Pop Festival was not only significant on a musical level, but also in terms of socio-political dynamics. It was assumed that rural audiences would not take kindly to “long-hair” bands, and that black and white artists could not comfortably exist on the same bill; Atlanta Pop set out to challenge those beliefs. Hendrix’s music and message of universal love made him the ideal artist and, appropriately, was the first act booked for the festival.

“There must be a hundred albums of concerts and studio outtakes. That doesn't make this set any less powerful, and it has the added poignance of being his last major show before his death just 10 weeks later.” - David Hinckley, New York Daily News

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Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church - HAPPY ROCKIN' EASTER! poster

The Unruly Mystic: John Muir - An Earth Day special encore!

Apr 22
Monday 3:30, 5:45, 8pm

Dir. Michael Conti - 2018 - 100m


An inspirational new documentary that explores the remarkable life and influential works of a patron saint of environmental activism. The film discusses the connection nature and spirituality, using the life and wisdom of John Muir, ecological preservationist and founder of Yosemite National Park, as a catalyst for how being outside in nature affects the lives of everyday people right now. John Muir played many roles in his life: mystic, prophet, author, poet, conservationist, radical, all of which helped him succeed in his role as an advocate for Nature.  As America’s most famous naturalist and conservationist, Muir fought to protect the wild places he loved, places we can still visit today. Muir’s writings have profoundly shaped the ways in which we understand and envision our relationship with the natural world today, and his work has become a personal guide into the natural world for countless individuals. The film interviews noted psychiatrists, therapists, theologians, writers, and every day people and asks them to discuss their relationship with nature, and its transformative effect in their lives.

About Crazy Wisdom Films (CWF): Every generation when finding its own voice also rediscovers the teachers, mystics, geniuses, misfits, rebels, troublemakers from the past.  CWF strives to celebrate those previous unruly mystics who stood strong, brave, open and everlasting awake, and who continue to inspire and challenge the status quo. Each film is crafted to be appealing to a multi-generational audience, from the twenty something-spiritual seekers to the gray-haired elders who seek a deeper wisdom on the subject.  The films are a reminder of the common good and universal connection that we all have to the earth and to spirit, and that connection that those are stronger and deeper than merely one nation, religion, race, class or gender. The first film in the series is The Unruly Mystic: Saint Hildegard.

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The Unruly Mystic: John Muir - An Earth Day special encore! poster

The Brink: Steve Bannon

Apr 23 to Apr 24
Tuesday and Wednesday 6:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Alison Klayman - 2019 - 91m - No Matinees



From the director of AI WEIWEI:  NEVERY SORRY - When Steve Bannon left his position as White House chief strategist less than a week after the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally in August 2017, he was already a notorious figure in Trump’s inner circle, known for bringing a far-right ideology into the highest echelons of American politics. Unconstrained by an official post — though some say he still has a direct line to the White House — he became free to peddle influence as a perceived kingmaker, turning his controversial brand of nationalism into a global movement. THE BRINK follows Bannon through the 2018 mid-term elections in the United States, shedding light on his efforts to mobilize and unify far-right parties in order to win seats in the May 2019 European Parliamentary elections. To maintain his power and influence, the former Goldman Sachs banker and media investor reinvents himself — as he has many times before — this time as the self-appointed leader of a global populist movement. Keen manipulator of the press and gifted self-promoter, Bannon continues to draw headlines and protests wherever he goes, feeding the powerful myth on which his survival relies.

“An impeccably crafted verité ramble - an engaging and enraging, disturbing and highly revealing movie…” - Owen Gleiberman, Variety

“The message of The Brink is clear from start to finish, and it couldn't be a more timely presentation.” - Jon Negroni, The Young Folks

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The Brink:  Steve Bannon poster

The Juniper Tree - Bjork's Film Debut Restored!

Apr 23 to Apr 24
Tuesday and Wednesday 4:30, 8:30

Dir. Nietzchka Keene - 1990 - 78m - US/Iceland - In Icelandic with English subtitles


An unsung talent in her lifetime, director, professor and Fulbright scholar Nietzchka Keene’s stark, stunning debut feature The Juniper Tree is loosely based on a Brothers Grimm fairy tale of the same name, and stars Björk in her first on-screen performance. The film premiered to glowing reviews at the Sundance Film Festival in 1991 and led Keene to further direct Heroine of Hell(1996) starring Catherine Keener and Barefoot to Jerusalem (2008), the latter completed after her tragically early death in 2004.

Set in medieval Iceland, The Juniper Tree follows Margit (Björk in a riveting performance) and her older sister Katla (Bryndis Petra Bragadottir) as they flee for safety after their mother is burned to death for witchcraft. Finding shelter and protection with Johan (Valdimar Orn Fygenring), and his resentful young son, Jonas (Geirlaug Sunna Pormar), the sisters help form an impromptu family unit that’s soon strained by Katla’s burgeoning sorcery. Photographed entirely on location in the stunning landscapes of Iceland in spectacular black-and-white by Randy Sellars, The Juniper Tree is a deeply atmospheric film, evocative of Carl Theodor Dreyer’s Day of Wrath and Ingmar Bergman’s The Virgin Spring, and filled with indelible waking dream sequences (courtesy of legendary experimental filmmaker Pat O’Neill). A potent allegory for misogyny and its attendant tragedies, The Juniper Tree is a major rediscovery for art house audiences.

"Distinctive, ambitious, and genuinely poetic.” - Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

“Keene films the supernatural tale of timeless rusticity with fanatical attention to the barren and craggy seaside setting; her stunningly spare yet phantasmagorical images fuse the forces of nature with the spirit of mystery.” - Richard Brody, New Yorker

“It seems appropriate that this film should re-emerge now, after so many years of being unappreciated or misunderstood, lost in the shadows of the zeitgeist.” - Angeline Gragásin, Screen Slate

“The film is a singular work of American independent cinema that speaks to a more global artistic sensibility.” - Carson Lund, Slant Magazine

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The Juniper Tree - Bjork's Film Debut Restored! poster

Garbage Warrior - An AIA FREE MOVIE!

Apr 25
Thursday 7pm

Dir. Oliver Hodge - 2008 - 86m

NOTE:  The AIA movie nights are free with a ticket!  Tickets are distributed at our box office on a "First come, First served" basis beginning at 5:00.  Doors open around 6:30pm and the movie will start at 7:00 pm with introductions!


Renegade architect Michael Reynolds and his green disciples have devoted their time to advancing the art of “Earthship Biotecture” – passive, solar, off-the-grid, sustainable housing. Earthship n. 1. passive solar home made of natural and recycled materials 2. thermal mass construction for temperature stabilization. 3. renewable energy & integrated water systems make the Earthship an off-grid home with little to no utility bills. Biotecture n. 1. the profession of designing buildings and environments with consideration for their sustainability. 2. A combination of biology and architecture.

Charismatic – with a warm sense of humor” - New York Times

“Oliver Hodge depicts his subject as a true humanitarian – a real alternative to modern living” - Empire ****

“Like Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’- this film demands to be seen by as many humans as possible. Time is of the essence.” - SANTA BARBARA INDEPENDENT

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Garbage Warrior - An AIA FREE MOVIE! poster

Battle Royale - the Original 2000 Shocker!

Apr 26 to Apr 27
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Dir. Kinji Fukasaku - 2000 - 122m - Japan - In Japanese with English subtitles - An ALIBI MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS special

Before HUNGER GAMES ... In 2000, director Kinji Fukasaku unleashed BATTLE ROYALE, his violently poetic epic about an innocent group of Junior High students forced by the government to hunt and kill their classmates for sport. It was nominated for 10 Japanese Academy Awards, launched a global phenomenon, and banned from screens by frightened civic groups and distributors across America.

''My favorite movie of the last 20 years…I wish I had made this movie.'' - Quentin Tarantino

''If you love The Hunger Games, Battle Royale sets the stage. One of the best - and most violent - genre films ever made. It's also a hell of a lot of fun.'' - Entertainment Weekly

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Battle Royale - the Original 2000 Shocker! poster

A Pistol For Ringo - Our Spaghetti Westerns Keeps A' Comin'!

Apr 27 to Apr 28
Saturday and Sunday 1pm ONLY!

Dir. Duccio Tessari - 1966 - 102m - No Matinees - Italy - In Italian with English subtitles


The original Ringo films introduced another iconic hero to the spaghetti western; a clean-cut sharp shooter who was markedly different to Clint Eastwood's Man With No Name.

In A Pistol For Ringo, the eponymous hero, played by Giuliano Gemma (Day of Anger, Tenebrae), infiltrates a ranch of Mexican bandits to save a beautiful hostage (Nieves Navarro, Death Walks on High Heels). In The Return Of Ringo, the gunslinger, now a veteran of war, disguises himself as a Mexican in order to take revenge on outlaws who have stolen his property and taken his wife.

Hugely successful upon their original release, thanks in part to the skilled direction of Duccio Tessari (The Bloodstained Butterfly, Death Occurred Last Night), the Ringo films proved influential on the Italian western, spawning numerous unofficial sequels, due to their gripping set-pieces and unforgettable musical scoring by Ennio Morricone. 

“Essential spaghetti western from the early days of the genre … (Director) Tessari tells his story very effectively, with acute dialogue (you'll learn what made equally born men different) and interesting plot twists.” - Simon Gelten, Spaghetti Western Database

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A Pistol For Ringo - Our Spaghetti Westerns Keeps A' Comin'! poster


Apr 27 to Apr 30
Saturday to Tuesday 4pm, 8:15

Dir. Matteo Garrone - 2019 - 102m - Italy/France - In Italian with English subtitles

FROM THE DIRECTOR OF GOMORRA - In a seaside village on the outskirts of an Italian city, where the only law seems to be survival of the fittest, Marcello is a slight, mild-mannered man who divides his days between working at his modest dog grooming salon, caring for his daughter Alida, and being coerced into the petty criminal schemes of the local bully Simoncino, an ex-boxer who terrorizes the neighborhood. When Simoncino’s abuse finally brings Marcello to a breaking point, he decides to stand up for his own dignity through an act of vengeance, with unintended consequences.

“Matteo Garrone's unflinching character study... has a strong chance at the Oscars because of Fonte's expressive performance.” - Gary M. Kramer,

“The naively amenable character is wonderfully observed by Fonte, and early scenes show delicious whimsy and black comedy.” - Kate Taylor, Globe and “Mail

The overall feel is of the kind of Aesop's fable Scorsese would tell his kids.” - Philip De Semlyen, Time Out

“A movie with incomparable bite and strength.” - Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

“A great choice if you're sick of showy crime trifles that arrive from Hollywood on a regular basis.” - Filipe Freitas, Film Threat

“A hyper-realistic urban tragedy, "Dogman" is ferocious and, in its own way, absolutely frightening.” - Jordan Ruimy, The Playlist

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Dogman poster


Apr 27 to Apr 30
Saturday to Tuesday 6:15pm ONLY!

Dir. Wolfgang Fischer - 2019 - 94m - Germany, Austria - In English & German w/English subtitles - No Matinees

Premiering at the Berlinale, where it opened the Panorama Special section, STYX is a work of unrelenting intensity and technical brilliance.  ER doctor Rike (Susanne Wolff) embarks on a one-woman solo sailing trip to Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean. When Rike comes across a sinking ship of refugees, she is quickly torn out of her contented and idealized world and must make a momentous decision. Aptly named after the mythological river that separates the living from the dead, STYX is an astute modern day parable of Western indifference in the face of marginalized suffering. Carrying practically the entire film Wolff is never less than remarkable in a riveting role as a woman pushed to her  physical, psychological, and moral limits.

"Styx weaves a lean and gripping parable about the refugee crisis...a spartan (wo)man-versus-nature adventure tale in the style of All Is Lost, and one that’s even more strikingly authentic in its depiction of ocean sailing than J.C. Chandor’s film." - Keith Watson, Slant Magazine

"A taut moral thriller...." - Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

"A blunt, breathless, and astoundingly unsentimental morality play that’s told with the intensity of a ticking-clock thriller.... " - David Ehrlich, IndieWire

"Like the small sailboat on which it is set, Wolfgang Fischer’s extraordinarily gripping account of a one-woman solo voyage across the Atlantic that is suddenly interrupted when she comes across a sinking trawler overloaded with refugees, is brisk, efficient and thrillingly dynamic. This is “All Is Lost” with a spinning moral compass and a topical dimension that proves even more gripping than its brilliantly achieved visceral action." - Jessica Kiang, Variety

"'Styx' is minimalist filmmaking executed in superbly sharp fashion. Susanne Wolff... accomplishes more in a glance than most of her peers could ever hope to achieve with minute-long, uninterrupted diatribes. Benedict Nuenfels’s cinematography steals your undivided attention, and never once relents its evocative authority." - Jonathan Christian, The Playlist

"Carrying practically the entire film, Wolff is never less than remarkable in a demanding role that’s 80 percent silence and 20 percent English-language dialogue. The fully inhabited turn should further help cement her international status as a star to be reckoned with...." - Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter

"A captivating maritime thriller…beautiful, thought-provoking and intense. Definitely see this one if you get the chance. " - Sean Boelman, PopAxiom

"...with such effective, precise performances on both sides of the camera—making tension a constant in the changing inflection of physical and moral jeopardy—Styx emerges as one of the fest’s best." - Adrian Mack, The Georgia Straight

"**** (4 stars) A slow burn thriller…the film ends with a devastating and quite beautiful gut punch." - Ryne Clos, Spectrum Culture

"A thinking person’s survival drama." - Jen Johans, Film Intuition

"As contemplative as it is engrossing...."  - im Ross, Take One Cinema

"A captivating, exhilarating cinematic experience." - Alex Billington,

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Styx poster

The Occupation of the American Mind

Jun 8
Saturday 1pm ONLY!

Dir. Loretta Alper & Jeremy Earp - 2016 - 82m

Progressive Democrats of America/Central NM chapter special!

Polling shows strong global opposition to Israel’s illegal 50-year occupation of Palestinian land, and mounting outrage over Israel’s ongoing slaughter of unarmed Palestinian civilians who are fighting for their rights. Nevertheless, public sympathy and support for Israel within the US continues to hold strong. The Occupation of the American Mind zeroes in on this critical exception, breaking down the devastatingly effective public relations war that Israel and right-wing pro-Israel advocacy groups have been waging for decades in the US. Narrated by Roger Waters and featuring leading observers of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, the film explores how the Israeli government, the US government, and the pro-Israel lobby have joined forces, often with very different motives and interests, to shape American media coverage of the conflict in Israel’s favor. The result is a stunning look at how — and why — American media coverage of the conflict regularly minimizes the occupation, vilifies critics of Israeli policy, and dehumanizes the Palestinian people.

“I wish every American would watch this powerful documentary. Not only every person of conscience, but every taxpayer, must see it — and then ask themselves if the status quo is acceptable and can continue deep into the 21st century." - Gideon Levy, columnist for Haaretz newspaper of Israel

“Not only land, but also minds can be colonized. The brilliance of this documentary is that it manages to tell the story of both forms of colonization simultaneously. The first story reveals how Palestinian land was colonized and how the Palestinian people have been struggling for self-determination ever since. The second story uncovers how the American media has colonized the minds of its audiences and inverted the concrete relations of subjugation by transforming Israelis into victims and Palestinians into oppressors. The Occupation of the American Mind is a must see for anyone who is against colonization." - Neve Gordon, Professor of Politics, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

“A remarkable achievement. Anyone who wishes to understand the deeper reasons for America's utter failure to bring peace to the region should begin by watching this powerful film." - Avi Shlaim, Professor Emeritus, Oxford University

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The Occupation of the American Mind poster