Feb 24 to Feb 26
Friday to Sunday


The Sin Fronteras Film Festival is a student organized event devoted to films about Latin America and by Latin American filmmakers. Each year the festival is organized by a group of students from various departments who are members of SOLAS. The festival has been generously funded by a variety of UNM groups and academic departments, as well as several local businesses. Thanks to the time and money donated by various students, staff, faculty, and community members, 2015's festival is a COMPLETELY FREE event open to the UNM and greater Albuquerque community. NOTE:  Show up early to get a seat!  For more info & trailers to the movies please visit the SIN FRONTERAS WEBSITE!


7PM  DAUNA. LO QUE ILEVVA EL RIO (Gone with the river)  - "Dauna dared to be different. She faced the ancestral practices of her culture and she paid the price. She made decisions which made herself suffer and others as well. Without giving up before defeats and loses, these led her to reconcile and become part of a legend herself."  - Mario Crespo  [Dir. Mario Crespo - 104 m - 2015 - Venezuela] view a trailer


4:30PMCON MI CORAZON EN YAMBO (With my Heart in Yambo) - A documentary is about two young Restrepo brothers in Ecuador and the mystery of their disappearance by the Ecuadorian National Police.   [Dir. María Fernanda Restrepo - 136 min. - 2011 - Ecuador] view a trailer

7PM - NO MANCHES FRIDA - The story of Zequi, a recently released bank robber who goes to recover stolen money buried by his ditzy accomplice before going to jail. They return to the site only to find that Frida Kahlo High has built a gymnasium over the loot. To get the money, he poses as a substitute teacher for a school that can't seem to keep any teachers around. Zequi comes in ready to lay down the law- but he quickly finds out that life on the inside may have been easier to deal with than a school full of wild and rebellious teenagers. - Pantelion Films  [Dir. Nacho G. Velilla - 100 m - 2016 - USA] view a trailer


4:30PM - SUNU (Maize) - SUNÚ reveals how maize and everything it gives life to could be lost forever, and shares a generous tapestry of simple, heartfelt messages for the farmers of the world and the city dwellers who could lose the capability to make important choices unless they act soon.  [Dir. Teresa Camou - 80 min. - 2015 - México] view a trailer  **Please Join us after the film for a discussion with director Teresa Camou.

Teresa is a critically acclaimed filmmaker.  She directed and produced two short documentaries about issues related to Tarahumara communities and two short animated films “El Entierro” (2008) and “Tewe Chiva Nesero” (2007) which received honorable mention at the Chihuahua International Film Festival.  SUNÚ (2015) is her first feature film.  Teresa is passionate about teaching art at the Center for Education for the Blind (CEIAC).  She recently collaborated with blind artists and installed two art exhibitions, one of which strives to communicate to people what it’s like to be blind in Chihuahua.

7PM - NEON BULL - Iremar works at the "Vaquejadas", a rodeo in the North East of Brazil where two men on horseback try bring down a bull by grabbing its tail. It's dusty and back-breaking work, but Iremar is a natural vaqueiro feeding, prepping and taking care of the bulls. Home is the truck used to transport the animals from show to show which he shares with his coworkers; Galega, an exotic dancer, truck driver and mother to her spirited and cheeky daughter Cacá, and Zé, his rotund compadre in the bull pen. Together they form a makeshift but close-knit family. But Brazil and the Northeast are changing and the region's booming clothing industry has stirred new ambitions in Iremar. Swinging in his hammock in the back of the truck, his head is filled with dreams of pattern cutting, sequins and exquisite fabrics as he mentally assembles his latest sexy fashion designs.  [DIr. Gabriel Mascaro - 101m - 2015 - Brazil] view a trailer