Chasing The Light

Mar 24 to Mar 25
Friday and Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Blackhorse Lowe - 2016 - 80m - No Matinees

Shot in black and white the film won Best Photography at Présence Autochtone in Montreal, Quebec.  DIRECTOR & SOME OF THE CAST & CREW IN PERSON!!

If Wong Kar-Wai and Tarantino decided to make a stoner comedy for Natives back in 1995 (and set to a drone soundtrack), it probably would've been something like Blackhorse Lowe's CHASING THE LIGHT.  The film follows Riggs, a depressed and struggling screenwriter in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who begrudgingly goes with his drug-dealing friend, Many Goats, on a run that goes terribly wrong.  A series of misadventures follows: bar fights, house parties, feuding couples and even a trip on the drug DMT.  But none of these calamities can distract a dejected Riggs from his thoughts of his ex-girlfriend.

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