Hippie Hill - an Underground Stoner Comedy!

Apr 21
Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Kevin Epps - 2018 - 90m


Just when you think 4/20 is as tired as a Chong bong, award-winning director Kevin Epps reappears with a new cannabis comedy about the weed trade shot at many of our most iconic spaces of scoring.

A underground stoner comedy, a cheesy Halfbaked - this story takes a turn of corny events when Big Chimney loses some rare golden weed seeds that he was delivering from Hippie Hill. In a world full of stoner heads, thugs and hippies everybody will smoke you out!

Starring: James.Wade as Big Chimney, M1 Dead Prez as The Weed Psychic , Phil Jackson as Flako  Amsterdam, Sol Gonzales as Voodoo Town, Shabria Melvins as Yoni, Nick Jonas as cousin Jeffrey, Stack Dough as The Peruvian Llama, Jocelyn June as Mama, Bill Short as The Old Hippie. 

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