Where Is The "I" In Infinite?

Sep 15
Sunday 1pm ONLY!

Sasha Menendez - 2017 - 120m - Suggested donation of $5

Edited by and featuring original music by Ryan Sciarrotta!

A thought provoking documentary film that captures interviews with a man/infinite essence named Tom Miles.  It delves into the telling of his story from early days growing up in Monte Vista, Colorado to his time in the Navy, to marriage, family, divorce, different career paths, and on to his finding lasting love.  All this is intermixed with clips of him pondering the nature of his own existence.  Recollections from loved ones and slice of life moments give added perspective to who Tom is.  His metaphysical tangents offer another perspective that there could be another side to who Tom, or any of us, might be. Tom’s journey brings about an unique appreciation of a life lived on Earth and it’s dreamlike so called reality.

Where Is The