Doubt & Betty's: A Noir Shorts Double Feature

Aug 17
Saturday 10:30pm, 11pm ONLY!

2019 - 25m - FREE! Seating limited!

Locally made, stylish featurettes on the sly & devious!

BETTY'S - Three longtime friends living dead-end lives, decide to leave town after a death in the family. Becoming lost, they find their way to a run-down bar in the middle of the desert only to realize returning is not as easy as leaving.  [Dir. Michael Ashton Kuhn - 2019 - 15m]

DOUBT - Gabriel (Emmett Van Halm) is engaged to the lovely Mara (Andrea Haskett) . Mara begins to have her doubts about her fiancés relationship to her best friend Lilith ( Riley Del Rey).  A love affair turns into a crime of passion. [Written & Directed by Riley Del Rey - 2019 - 8m]


Doubt & Betty's:  A Noir Shorts Double Feature poster