Black Christmas - the 1974 Slasher groundbreaking classic!

Dec 7
Saturday 10:30pm ONLY!

Bob Clark - 1974 - 98m - All Seats $10


Directed by Bob Clark (A CHRISTMAS STORY, PORKY'S) and featuring a cast worthy of a Christmas miracle (Margot Kidder, John Saxon, Olivia Hussey), this is ground zero for holiday slashers now and forever and ever.

One part frosty Xmas atmosphere, one part stalk ‘n’ slash magnificence and all parts awesome, BLACK CHRISTMAS is a timeless, terrifying and demented holiday tradition. Years before he crafted the ultimate comedic yuletime experience A CHRISTMAS STORY, genre pioneer Bob Clark gave us one of the most influential Hitchcockian slashers of all time. BLACK CHRISTMAS gets *everything* right.

When sorority sisters Olivia Hussey (ROMEO & JULIET ’68), Margot Kidder (SUPERMAN) and Andrea Martin (SCTV) are under attack from a vicious potty-mouthed killer, it’s up to police chief John Saxon to even the odds. But what about Keir Dullea (2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY), the brooding art-school pianist? Could he have something to do with the Xmas rampage?

"A pioneering genre film. If you've seen a slasher film, almost any slasher film, you've likely seen the tropes that Black Christmas created." - Jason Concepcion, The Ringer

"A well-made excursion into the bloody unknown, driven by characterization and modulated by a tone that knows when to amplify the scares and when to back away from them, usually at the service of a story with the morbid curiosity to investigate further." - David Keyes,

"Made at a time when there were as yet no fixed rules for the slasher subgenre, here anything goes, and the survival of neither virgin nor even final girl comes guaranteed." - Anton Bitel, Little White Lies

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